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You live in Saudi Arabia, and you want your child to speak Saudi Arabic? We can help! We understand the challenge — while many children study Arabic at school, they aren’t given the skills they need to communicate with friends, family, and neighbors. That’s where we come in.

We have trained Saudi language guides who know how to help your children learn how to communicate in Arabic. Using a curriculum specifically designed for children, we will immerse them in Saudi dialect from day one.


How does it work?

Children age 5 and up can take sessions. To get started, book a free trial. This will help us make sure your child is ready to learn Arabic with us and to give you a chance to experience our method.

During sessions, children are encouraged to move around, point, and even act out the words and concepts they’re learning. We use tangible objects to help explain new words and concepts.

Over the course of level one, your child will learn around 1,000 words, be able to form simple sentences, and recognize the Arabic letters.

As they progress through the program, you’ll see your child be able to tell stories and learn to read and write. We have experience assisting children who are conversational and want to pursue deeper fluency as well.

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When and where are the sessions?

We have online and in-person sessions at our Riyadh office on Takhassusi. Depending on the age, you’re welcome to accompany your child to the session or feel free to relax in our lobby or the coffee shops around our office. 

Most sessions take place between 1:40-4:40 PM, although we have session times available from 8:30 AM until 9 PM  Saturday-Thursday.

How much does it cost?

Our prices vary by how many hours a client takes per week and how many clients are in a sessions.

Most children under 9 take one-hour sessions. For children 9 and above, we recommend 2-hour sessions. 

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