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Our trained Saudi language guides train employees from around the world to thrive in Saudi Arabia

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Why Arabius Business

Arabius Business provides you with a  trained Saudi language guides experienced in helping foreigners learn Saudi Arabic

Private Sessions

Select private sessions for team members who want to focus on their individual needs and goals.


Group Sessions onsite or online

Upskill your team’s langauge and cultural knowledge through group sessions at your office or online.

Lessons for any schedule

Clients can schedules sessions 6 days a week. Miss a sessions?

Clients can independently select a makeup session to keep up with their group.


Personalized learning for your team

tailored to your needs



Arabius Business can structure  lessons to address real-world issues your teams face. Learn Arabic in a supportive, pressure-free environment.


What clients are saying

As a language teacher and teacher-trainer, I’m hard to please when it comes to language classes. After years of trying to learn with different types of teachers, apps, and programs, I was so pleased to start learning with the wonderful “guides” at Arabius. They understood that TEACHER attitude is perhaps the most important factor in successful language teaching (just as motivation is the most important factor in language learning). By recruiting potential teachers who are first really charismatic, energetic, sweet people, they’ve made learning Arabic effective, relaxing, and fun! Just relax and let the guides take you through the lessons …. you won’t regret it.

PhD Linguistics

Learn Arabic in a unique, effective, and fun way! The teaching guides here are patient and kind and always ready to assist you.

The warm, nurturing, and friendly environment (coffee and dates always at your disposal)  at Arabius keeps me looking forward to attending class every day! Thanks Arabius, from the bottom of my heart

Jasniya Badsha

Co-Founder of Riyadhconnect

After a year of trying to learn Arabic casually, I’ve been very happy with Arabius as it will help me in my job and engaging society. Using native speakers in an immersive environment, they supply pictorial documents and recordings to review, and are always improving their methods.
Kevin Biggs

Sales director for HRLive Human Resources software

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Saudi dialect?

We mean the language commonly spoked by Saudis in daily life. While Modern Standard Arabic is very valuable, it doesn’t enable a MSA-speaker to communicate in normal life. There are many dialects in Saudi. We begin by focusing on the White dialect  (write in ARabic) in Level one. As clients progress, they’re exposed to dialects around Saudi Arabia.

What is the difference between Arabius Business and Arabius?

Arabius Business clients receive great flexibility in content, scheduling, and organizational visibility on progress.

What can Arabius Business provide?

We offer in-person and online language sessions. Tehse can be one-on-one sessions or group session of up to 6 clients. We also offer cultural trainings and excursions around Riyadh.

What methodology do you use?

We use our proprietary ICE methodology – it’s immersive, customizable, and experiential. From day one, clients are fully immersed in Arabic. We can customize our curriculum to focus on words and contexts relevant to your staff. Plus, we use real-world objects to allow our clients to experience what they’re learning. For more information, click here (link to methodology page)

How does pricing work?

The pricing of each program depends on the number of students, timing, location (onsite, at our offices, or online) and the duration of the program. Please request a demo to receive all the details about Arabius Business.