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We are Saudi’s premier language and culture training company, serving expats and tourists across the kingdom with a variety of engaging, immersive experiences.

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Saudi is a wonderful country, filled with beautiful sights, hospitable people, and deep heritage

At Arabius, we provide a doorway into Saudi culture and the local Arabic language.  Join us for an afternoon or dive deep into the Arabic language and culture over several years.  We believe that the more you learn and experience the riches of Saudi Arabic and culture, the more you will enjoy your job, life, and stay in Saudi Arabia.

Our Courses

Welcome To Saudi

Enjoy 8 hours over a weekend with our guides learning basic Arabic greetings, power phrases, and cultural insights. In the evening sit down in our Magalis and enjoy a traditional lamb and rice dinner.

Vocabulary Explosion

Divided into two 50 hour courses, Vocabulary Explosion is a fun, immersive, effective way to learn the 1000 most used Arabic words. From day one our Guides only use Arabic as you learn to see the world through their eyes.

Conversation Building

The next step after Vocabulary Explosion, start putting what you know into sentences and stories as you work toward being able to express yourself in the local Arabic dialect. Conversation Building is divided into two 75 hour courses.

Ongoing Learning

After completing Conversation Building, our offerings become very flexible and you can customize your progress all the way up to being able to sit around the camp fire with native Arabic speakers and join in on the conversation.