Istirahas: Keep your cool during a Saudi summer



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So, you’re spending the summer in Saudi. How do you stay cool? We’ve got you covered!

So how do you stay cool during a Saudi summer

Summers in Saudi can be magical. Yes, magical. While the traffic lessens as schools take a break and many residents and citizens travel, you can find new ways to enjoy  Saudi. This blog will explore different ways to help you keep your cool.

Dive in to summer fun!


Jump into summer fun by going swimming. While there aren’t a lot of public pool options available, Saudi is filled with a ton of  istarahas. What’s an istiraha? It literally means “rest house.” These are private houses usually with a living room, kitchen, pool, and sometimes a bedroom. They’re often on the outskirts of a major city. Prices vary significantly, so you’re sure to find something that suits your budget and style.

When renting an Istiraha be sure to check out reviews, quality and prices vary wildly. You’ll want to make sure that place you have matches what you need. For example, many of the kitchens will have a refrigerator, hot plate, and sink. If you need an oven, you’ll need to look specifically for that. Similarly, if you have small children with you, you’ll want to pay attention to the pool depth and whether it has a fence. 

Some properties require you to deposit cash as insurance. Often, you’ll give this to the guard or caretaker. They’ll return the funds to you at the end of your visit.


How do I find an istaraha?

While istarahas are all over most cities, they often tend to be concentrated in a couple of parts of town. For example, Al Rimal, just outside of Riyadh, has an impressive collection of places available. While you can find some options by looking on google maps, the easiest option is through an app. Agar, a housing app, has some options available. Similarly, Gathern features tons of options, plus it operates as a go-between the renter and owner. 

Not interested in apps? Many of the istirahas have instagram or snapchat accounts. Some accounts like @Riyadhchalets    feature many properties. 


It’s possible to keep your cool during a Saudi summer. Try out an istaraha and  let us know how it goes!


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