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Program & Pricing

Five levels to full proficiency in Saudi Arabic

Level 1 Group Sessions

100 hours to gain 1,000+ words!
In-person or online
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Why take Level 1 Group Sessions with Arabius?

Start here if you’re beginning your Arabic journey, switching dialects, or refreshing your foundational vocabulary. In Level 1A you will enter the world of a Saudi communicator and learn through full Arabic immersion from the first day. Neuroscience shows that when learning a new language, listening is the most efficient, effective way our brains build categories and connections with the new sounds, so Level 1 has a strong emphasis on ear training.

You’ll fast-track your neurolinguistic development by listening to words and phrases, understanding their meanings, then responding by performing actions and moving objects accordingly. This process creates long-term connections among the ear, eye, voice, and brain, which accelerates your grammar, pronunciation, and sentence formation skills when you start speaking. The second half of Level 1 continues to build a solid foundation but with more emphasis on speaking during sessions.

What to expect

You can expect a fun, active, engaging environment in a small group of 3-5 people, so everyone gets plenty of focused practice time. You’ll also leave each day with personalized recordings from your session, so you can review the material any time to strengthen your listening skills. 

You will learn a variety of the most fundamental communication skills including: asking helpful questions, giving simple instructions, expressing basic emotions, telling time, using Arabic numbers for prices and quantity, and describing familiar places and objects. You will grow your recording library and use it to refresh material between sessions.

What you’ll gain

By the end of Level 1, you will have a well-tuned Saudi Arabic ear, the ability to identify the most important objects around you, and the confidence to begin speaking your own basic sentences. You’ll have a vocabulary of over 1,000 Saudi dialect Arabic words and phrases, and you’ll be able to hold simple introductory conversations. Continue your Arabic journey in Level 2 with private, pair, or small group sessions.

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Hourly Sessions

For any level of Arabic proficiency, from beginner to advanced
In-person or online 
Start and stop when it best works for you
Make changes to your schedule up to two weeks in advance

Hourly Session Rate (SAR/hour/person)


Groups are 3-6 clients per session
Minimum purchase is 2 weeks
Packages have a 3-month validity period, unless otherwise arranged


Available Time Slots for Hourly Sessions and Executive Packages      


 4 and 5 hour sessions are available by combining consecutive 2 or 3 hr slots

Flexible Executive Package

If you are busy or have an unpredictable schedule that could change frequently, check out our Flexible Executive Package to have more flexibility in the days and times of your sessions.