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Six Levels to Language and Cultural proficiency

Designed to be Immersive, Personalized, and Socio-Cultural from day one, our unique methodology combines culture and language training that quickly lets you start understanding and communicating effectively.

Our methodology divides language and cultural training into 6 levels with distinct activities in each level.  From day one we only use Arabic in your sessions (No English Allowed!) so that you are immersed in the language.  Our team of coaches will work with you and your guide to make sure that every minute of your session is in your growth-zone and personalized to your specific goals.  We believe that language is closely tied to culture.  Learning a language must be connected with learning to see the world through the eyes of the culture.

1. Vocabulary Explosion

  • Here-and-Now Play

  • 100 hours with your guide

  • 1000+ words gained

Start your journey into Arabic with 100 hours of here-and-now play.  You and your classmates will spend the first 40-50 hours pointing, listening, and acting out various actions as your ears become atoned to Arabic.

Clients who complete this level will know and be able to respond to basic greetings, will be able to understand simple conversation and questions, and will have a strong foundation to of new words to build off of in the later levels.

2. Conversation Building

  • Story Building with Pictures

  • 150 hours with your guide

  • 1200+ words gained

Continue building your vocabulary while starting to speak more.  We use wordless story books to help get you talking in the present and past tenses.  We also start working on grammar by introducing grammar patterns in the sessions. We have divided Conversation Building into two 75 hour courses to get you speaking quickly.

Clients who complete this level will be able to tell simple stories from their life, be able to understand and respond in many everyday situations. 

3. Knowable

  • Stuff-We-Both-Know Conversations

  • 250 hours with your guides

  • 2000+ words gained

Start listening and retelling longer stories. We use a mixture of well-known world stories and later start to introduce local stories as well.  Clients and guides will also venture out into the city to have shared experiences, which they can then talk about and build vocabulary around.  Shopping for a Thobe or Abaya, getting your haircut, shopping for and cooking local food are just some of an endless number of possibilities.

Clients who complete this level can sit down and have a one-on-one conversation in Arabic on simple, life stories.  They can know Saudi’s in Arabic, and be known by them.

4. Deep Personal Relationships

  • Deep-Life Conversations

  • 500 hours with your guides

  • 3000+ words gained

While this level is big (500 hours) it is also one of the most fun.  In this level, you and your guides will start sharing deep life stories and discussing cultural topics. You will move from being able to tell simple things about your life, to being able to communicate deep thoughts and opinions.  In this level you start to get to know the culture through the eyes of your guide as they talk about things that are important to them.

Clients who complete this level will be able to easily handle most life situations, sit down and have good flowing one-on-one conversations, and be able to read and write simple texts.

5. Widening Understanding

  • Conversations about Native-to-Native Discourses

  • 500+ hours with your guides

  • 3000+ words gained

When native speakers talk with non-native speakers they simplify their language significantly.  To really enjoy life here, you need to be able to sit in a group of Saudi’s talking to each other at full speed and be able to understand and participate.  In this level our guides will listen to radio or podcasts designed for native audiences and watch local TV shows with you, and walk through them slowly until you are able to understand what is being said.

Clients who complete this level will be  able to join in on native-to-native conversations without slowing down or disrupting the native speakers.


6. Ever Participating/Growing

  • Extensive, ongoing participation in host communities of practice

  • Unlimited hours with host people

  • Slow and steady growth in vocabulary through encounters with new words during lifestyle participation

At this point, most of your learning is being done out in your every day life.  You can understand enough of native-to-native discourses that you can learn the new words from context.  However, none of us are ever truly native in our conversation.  We offer specialized targeted sessions with our guides to help you break bad habits, learn specialized vocabulary for an up-coming presentation, or get help understanding a different dialect.  Most people in this level will not be taking on-going sessions with us, but the occasional tune-up can really boost your ability to participate in Saudi life and culture.