Saudi cultural intelligence (CQ)

The ability to adapt and work effectively across cultures

Why CQ training?

“It is not just moving a job or personal items but moving a life and rebuilding that life in a new location. While this is exciting for many, it can also be extremely stressful for others.”

Eileen Mullaney, PWC Global Mobility

Saudi CQ Training Modules

Pre-departure and Post-arrival training


What to know before you arrive in Saudi Arabia 
Recommended for: Expat professionals and supporting spouses


  1. Introduction to Saudi – the Kingdom in cultural transition
  2. Breaking stereotypes about living in KSA
  3. Daily life in Riyadh –addressing questions like does Saudi have a winter season? Is there public transportation? Is it safe to bring my family along?
  4. Tips and tricks for packing and settling in upon arrival


Welcome to the Kingdom 

Navigating daily life upon arrival in Saudi Arabia 
Recommended for: Expat professionals and supporting spouses


  1. Roots of culture: Introduction to Saudi Arabia’s history and cultural transition
  2. Navigating daily life in Riyadh– is there a dress code? Where can I buy international foods? Are there activities for kids?
  3. Deep diving into Saudi cultural values – business and social applications
  4. Social and business etiquette in line with current norms


Working in Saudi Arabia 

Succeeding in an international team
Recommended for: Expats working virtually/in-person with their Saudi counterparts


  1. Saudi Arabia’s initiatives for Vision2030
  2. Understanding Saudi cultural values and their business applications– how can I build trust with my Saudi colleagues? How do I negotiate with my Saudi vendors?
  3. Communicating effectively with Saudis and managing a diverse team
  4. Business etiquette including dress code, meeting and greeting, workplace gender and generational dynamics

Spousal Support

Reducing cultural stress and thriving in the community 
Recommended for: Supporting Spouses 


  1. Tips on building a routine – driving, working/volunteering in KSA, networking
  2. Identifying transition stress and coping with relocation challenges
  3. How can I make friends and build a support system?
  4. International parenting – raising TCKs in a new culture

Youth Training

Helping expat kids adapt to their new environment
Recommended for: Expat kids / Third Culture Individuals (TCIs)


  1. Getting acquainted with the new country
  2. Fitting in – ‘Being a TCK’
  3. The culture shock rollercoaster
  4. Finding a support system – family, school, friends


Building Cultural Intelligence

Working effectively in a multicultural team  
Recommended for: Saudis and expats working in a multicultural setting


  1. What is culture and why does it matter?
  2. Understanding cultural dimensions and their applications
  3. Effective cross-cultural communication
  4. Building a global mindset